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Afghanistan International Women's Film Festival Herat, 2014: Elegie in international competition

past 2014, 2013 and 2012

Cumulus 3 in the Old School, Amsterdam, may 2014: drawings School Daze

Cultura - theme week Holland Animation Film Festival, march 2014: broadcast of Elegy

Cumulus 2, Kunstkapel Amsterdam, february 2014: VHS study 1

Explositie XVI with Jaap Pieters and Stichting Raspoetin, Sint Jozef Church, Amsterdam, december 2013:
screening of Elegy (35mm projection) and Farewell to Han (16mm looper)

Openings event The Cumulus, Glazen Huis, Amsterdam, december 2013:
Dirty Drawings / visual research for Soft Power

l'Alternativa 20è Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona, november 2013: screenings of Elegy

Extrapool, Nijmeegse Kunstnacht, september 2013: screenings of Farewell to Han and Elegy

Incubate festival Tilburg, september 2013: screenings of Elegy and Farewell to Han

Holland Animation Film Festival, Utrecht, march 2013: Elegy in Competition Dutch Animation

Corzo Cinema, Korzo Theater The Hague, 2012: screening of Farewell to Han

Below Sea Level / Explorations in Film, Eye Film Museum, Amsterdam, july 2012